12 Jacket (5mm Spine) [GD30OBH5]


In Blood is a collection of dark, beautiful songs with deep attention to dynamics and mood, and a precision-like love for the subtleties and silence too often overlooked. A culmination of sounds and words so weighted you feel crushed, yet heightened by a delicate floating layer of hope, that leaves you clawing and scratching for more. Fans of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Warpaint, Swans and Dead Can Dance will find themselves right at home here.

ILYA’s 2003 debut, Poise is the Greater Architect was an instant global success that led to international tours of Canada, Mexico, Japan, along with sold-out shows across the U.S., and supporting such acts as The Arcade Fire and The Album Leaf. A number of songs off the album have been featured on MTV’s The Real World, Road Rules, Sorority Life, as well as a handful of skateboarding videos and independent films.

In 2006, with the departure of Duane Pitre and Hank Morton, the remaining members – Matthew Baker, Geoff Hill, Blanca Fowler and John Mattos – released their sophomore album, Leaving Sans-Souci, introducing a denser sound with greater emphasis on dynamics.  Flash-forward to present day: cue guitarist Demetrius Antuña (previously of Goodbye Blue MondayKATAThe Dropscience) and Carrie Gillespie Feller (of Street of Little GirlsTactical Ffever), and ILYA is reborn.

BAND MEMBERS (left to right)

John Mattos – bass, percussion
Geoff Hill – drums, percussion
Blanca Rojas Fowler – vocals, percussion
Carrie Gillespie Feller – vocals, piano, rhodes, synth
Demetrius Antuña – vocals, guitar
Matthew Baker – vocals, piano, rhodes, synth, guitar


Photo by Nicola Wilson


SONG: Another Day
DIRECTOR: Grant Reinero